Covid coda?

Aside from an occasional mini-coughing fit, I am 100% over covid except psychologically. And I am OKAY psychologically, just at maybe 98%. I can deal with that.

For me? Mild cold symptoms throughout. I have had waaaay worse colds in my life. No sore throat, headache, fever, loss of taste/smell, fatigue, brain fog. None. Nada. Cough. But not one that woke me up at night. Occasional runny nose. The GG *may* have been a bit feverish and fatigued at the beginning. Other than that, he was a lot like me. Why did I share his air? Because his original antigen test was negative. Stoopid me. Sneaky COVID.

Anxiety? Yes. It wasn’t terrible but I really never have anxiety issues with the Common Cold because I know I’ll get over it even if I cough for a few weeks. COVID? As “we” don’t seem to be able to learn, this virus affects everyone differently. People who are vaxxed don’t seem to get that sick… Except for the ones who do. So there were plenty of moments of thinking about whether my cough was getting worse (no) or I was getting a sore throat (NO).

I quarantined for 14 days. I have not been impressed by the constantly changing CDC guidelines. I know that the “science” “changes” as we learn more about the virus but with so many people doing their own “research” on the internet, I think the CDC and other organizations should be crystal clear when they communicate to the unwashed masses about this still deadly disease.

Speaking of being vaxxed, I need to note that I have only had the J&J one-and-done. I fully intend to get boosted (probably with Pfizer) but I HADN’T gotten around to it yet. It’s hard to process all of the info and pseudo-info out there about how effective the vaccines are and sometimes it seems like the J&J has received a fair amount of negative publicity in that respect. Yet it apparently protected me (GG had Pfizer). Then again, my immune system has always been pretty dern good so maybe that also protected me. But who knows and I am still a STRONG supporter of vaxxing and STILL intend to get a booster. Double emphasis there.

Although I am feeling a bit more immune these early post infection days, I am STILL staying mainly at home away from people except for my early morning grock grabs. I MASK for those. To me, masking is a demonstration of care for OTHER PEOPLE. Those who may be more vulnerable to the virus, which likely still has some tricks up its sleeve.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I feel much safer in a mask. (and probably always will-why kid myself?) If it’s not covid, it will be something else. I’m much more aware now of viruses in the air. I had three Pfizer shots and would happily get another one to avoid Covid. My brother had the J&J shot (only one, I think) and although the rest of his household got Covid, he didn’t.