Replacement windows

I may be misremembering but I think throughout the pandemic I have had ONE door-to-door solicitor. It was one of those young idealistic clean water action kiddos at NINE O’CLOCK at night! Those folks are always out in June when it is light until after nine. I think those clean water folks exploit young college students and when I told her there were better ways to make money than going door to door (not to mention actually clean water but I didn’t say that), she told me her mother had said the same thing.

Today. A white pickup truck stopped in front of my driveway. That wasn’t all that odd in itself because there have been a lot of trucks of all description in our street lately but this felt somehow different. A woman got out and started WALKING UP MY DRIVEWAY. Sometimes Amazon delivers in odd vee-hickles but this didn’t feel like Amazon and I’m only expecting one package and that’s tomorrow or so I’ve been told (it’s just liquid barkeeper’s friend so kinda ho-hum).

But yes, this woman clomped up my driveway and rang the doorbell with a YOOHOO! I clomped over to the door, maskless, because it’s a glass door and there was NO WAY I was letting anyone in the house. “They” were working on a prodject “around the corner”. There is a neighbor SORTA around the corner who is getting something done in his front yard, orangeburg replacement we’re guessing so I was thinking that. But no. They would have some time tomorrow to replace my front window. What???

Um, NOOOOOOOOO! This isn’t the first time we’ve been approached about the window and I’m not sure why people think I would WANT it replaced. And replace it with what? I LIKE MY WINDOW. It is currently a bit cluttered as it is directly adjacent to teleCubelandia and has endured along with me a bout of breakthrough covid, mild as it was. But man, floor (almost) to ceiling (almost) windows with multiple panes and sills to put fancy clutter on. And a ledge (you can’t see it) at the bottom that I can stand on to peer up and down the street.

So. NOPE! She then tried to entice me with replacement doors (she knows nothing about the doors in this place) and when I didn’t go for that, asked me if the “attic” had enough insulation.

Jeebus. If we need work done around the house and it’s something the GG can’t manage, we seek out our own contractors or whatever. We have had varying experiences with that strategy but they’ve been largely good. We would NEVER hire someone doing door-to-door home repair sales. Shysters.

This woman had a bit of the look of the Michigan woman (Mellissa somebody?) who was hanging around with Rudy about the voting musheens. She had a lot less hair but she may want to re-think her “look”. Maybe I shoulda told her that 🐽🐽🐽

One Response to “Replacement windows

  1. Margaret Says:

    I rarely purchase anything from door to door sales. The exceptions are fundraisers for the neighborhood school children. They don’t do it anymore, but I always tried to support them, usually ending up with more wrapping paper and candy than I needed. 🙂