Ice Baby and Ecoterlet

This was not what my driveway looked like this morning. It’s from 2014, the infamous Polar Vortex winter. The one when Canananada got drunk and fell asleep down here. As someone more clever than I said.

Actually the driveway and walking conditions were okay early this morning, a wee bit of snow but not really slippery. By the time I had to go out to get the garbage carts, after three hours of meetings and various sorts of precipitation, there was slushy stuff of varying and unknown slipperyness everywhere.

There’s this Big Air Olympics event that I don’t really understand but it involves getting up into the air. On skis, right? I thought about that as I shuffle/baby-stepped down the slight slope (and I mean slight) to get my carts today. This was extremely annoying to me. Why did I not put on my Yax? Putting salt down would probably not have helped in this case. (Delete long stuff about salt in various conditions.) I was greatly mollified when LofPNet came home and did his own shuffle/baby-step thing down to get his carts. I was once a downhill skier, albeit an amateur one who knew her limits. I could do little mini-jumps, the kind that are part of the trail. I NEVER tried to get to anything like big air and don’t want to try now.

I was thinking the main roads were probably okay tonight but apparently there are “numerous” crashes on the freeways. Slow down folks. Jeebus.

As I was getting ready to hit the rack last night, people were texting me about terlets. I’m sure you know which terlet(s) and yes I picked these friends. I’m not gonna dump a bunch of incoherent opinions about TFG and his terlet(s) tonight or maybe ever. I doooo wanna buy a “but her emails” hat but they are currently sold out. Not that I think Hillary may have been the best president but I believe she’d’ve been a lot better than TFG and I was not all that upset about Her Emails for reasons I can’t necessarily articulate, at least not tonight.

2 Responses to “Ice Baby and Ecoterlet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    They clutched their pearls over e-mails yet are mostly OK with all the many transgressions of our last “president.” Who wasn’t presidential, didn’t know a darn thing and as is obvious now, really wanted to be a dictator like those leaders he most admires. It’s not looking like we’re going to get our traditional February Snowmaggedon this year. I’m not sad. (plus we got slammed in December)

  2. Pooh Says:

    When you’re walking on slippery conditions, according to one article, you should walk like a penguin. I.e, baby steps, (Check), weight over your front foot, and arms out a little. If you want to read the article, our friend, Ron posted it on his blog, which Mark has on his side bar.