Sloooowww morning

This is not from today. It’s another one from the Polar Vortex winter. I don’t think the sidewalk is icy in this pic, it looks wet so we must’ve had a mini-thaw. I was walking to the Plum Market, which you might be able to see on the right if you embiggen a couple times. It’s purple.

This morning? Like I said, it was sloooowww. I woke up on time but fell back asleep until almost seven. Because I planned to hit up the plum for grocks at eight, this left no time for a walk. But that turned out to be a GOOD thing because when I exited my front door, there was ICE all over the driveway. I got enough sand or whatever it was down to make my way safely to Mooon Yooonit’s door, which was only a few feet away. The sidewalks looked awful too but I decided to deal with them later. The roads were fine as I expected and I had AWD anyway.

I had help from my grock rodent at the U-scan. I don’t really need U-scan help. I am a U-scan ninja. But I don’t know it all and she taught this old ninja a couple new tricks today so that was cool. And I don’t even wanna know what the total was. I bought filet mignon and inflation is real (but I don’t blame Joe). I am much better prepared to deal with it now than I was as a kid but feel for those more affected. I dealt with it like I have always dealt with fluctuating gasoline prices (which are ALSO NOT controlled by the president). Close my eyes and pump.

As it turned out, I swiped over to Next Door Neighbor after I got home and there were multiple posts about people falling and injuring themselves. Lotsa doggos were missing their walks today. No thanks. I’ve apparently been taking a mini-break from walking since COVID anyway. The last morning I walked was January 13. I started coughing later that day. At no time have I felt too unwell for walking, although while symptomatic, I made a conscious decision not to expose myself to the cold. This is a psychological thing. I usually don’t mind cold and snow much and when I have regular old common colds, I layer up and push myself outside ANYWAY. But after two years of serious isolating, getting a breakthrough case took the wind out of my sails for dealing with winter. I just want it to be OVER. Winter, I mean. COVID is over. For now… Oh, don’t worry, I will soon push myself to get back into my routine. But not until the ice goes away.

Me? Roooomba, cleaned fridge and bathroom, put various displaced items back into their rightful places, did our daily word puzzles, and read. I CANNOT get the wordle today. In large part my fault because I AGAIN re-used rejected letters and have managed to paint myself into a corner 🐽🐽🐽 Rocked the xword and spelling bee though. Cheers!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I got the Wordle in three although my second word was quite a quirky guess: tapir. I don’t do well with words like todays; no spoilers but the letters at the beginning and end are not my strength. If letters repeat, I also struggle. I can’t see anyone in that photo!