Makin’ ice the hillbilly snowbilly way

I am probably more of a snowbilly than a hillbilly but whatever.

Credit for this entry idea to one of my PacNW blahggy friends, Margaret who has been struggling with her fridge’s ice-making musheen. DISCLAIMER: I think anyone who wants a working built-in ice-making musheen in their fridge SHOULD HAVE ONE!

Me? Except for the fridge at the fancy NEW (2005) Cfam cabin at Hoton Lake, I have never had an automatic ice-maker. I need to also say (for reference) that the Moldy Old Hoton Lake cabin had two fridges but NEVER a built-in ice-maker.

Here at the Landfill, we don’t have the kitchen space to install a great big fridge. I think my last two (or is it three?) fridges have been the same GE model. Yeah I know GE isn’t the best but it’s what FITS in my kitchen. I could probably have gotten an ice-making musheen in any of those but opted not to so that I would have more freezer space for other stuff. The Hoton Lake fridge/freezer always seems chock-full to me but it is bigger and has more space. And there are frequently big crowds up there although not anywhere near as often in the last two, y’know, years.

But here’s my snowbilly setup at the Landfill. Three ice cube trays and an ice cube container. The moomincabin has an even more snowbilly setup. It has two ice cube trays but uses a Ziploc Bag for ice cube storage. The problem with the moomincabin fridge is that the freezer DOES NOT HAVE A LIGHT! Moom, what the heck were you thinking?

I think I am done done done today. One of the beach urchins facetimed us a while ago. This has been a loooong winter and we haven’t seen her in person since xmas. She originally planned to come over here for my bday (mid-January) so I wouldn’t be alone because the GG had planned (with my blessing) to hike down in Ohio with some gals. I wouldda been okay with being alone on my bday but then breakthrough COVID threw everything sideways and we were alone on that day because we were quarantining and my main bday gift this year was COVID. It’s more than a month later and we are probably immune COVID-wise (FOR NOW). I am STILL masking on my limited grock trips and I am not restaurant-ready yet.

My kids want to visit next weekend and I will LOVE that but I don’t want them to drive through whatever Old Man Winter decides to throw at us. And they don’t either. I hope it works out but if it doesn’t, it won’t be too long until snow and freezing rain are not in the forecast. Knock on wood.

One Response to “Makin’ ice the hillbilly snowbilly way”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m happy to not have to buy ice cube trays since the uncooperative beast decided to start working again. No light? That would be tricky indeed. Hope your get together works out!