Aaaaann Arbor is the place for me…

Maybe some disjointed thoughts here…

I read an NYT article about people moving across country today that didn’t quiiite ring true to me. The main story was someone who moved from LA to Spokane. I was thinking sight unseen but upon a re-read, a son of theirs went to college there and they “liked” it. Well okay. The husband turns out to have a job there but then again he had never shoveled snow before. HUH! It didn’t say if he enjoyed his first snow shoveling experience. Maybe he did. Maybe he hired a service PRONTO! I have been shoveling snow my entire life. I am now spoiled by the yooperland style snowblower “I bought” the GG a few years ago.

We haven’t had any new snow of any significant depth since last Thursday. What we DOOOOO have now is a loverly thaw and freeze cycle. Like the temps got up into the 30s or whatever yesterday so some of our snow melted into a thin layer of water across the sidewalk and driveway. And then the temps re-froze overnight… This morning there was a sheet of glare ice in front of Cygnus (not to mention the sidewalks). I keep two pairs of Keen sandals by the front door, one tricked out with Yax, the other not. I put the Yaxxed sandals on to throw a bunch of sand out in front of Cygnus to create a safe path around to the driver’s side door. Then I switched into non-Yaxxed sandals to actually GO to the Plum for THREE grock items. It’s okay. I got to see my 🐭 and, uh, I almost grokked 🐸 one of her co-workers who has similar hair but not similar footwear.

Where was I?

I get why people move to other cities. There are new jobs to be had and to be near family members and and and… I am happy here. Since I was a little kid and visited my cousins here on the Planet Ann Arbor, I have always loved this place and wanted to live here. And so by the twists and turns of my young adulthood, here I have been. Childhood Career, volunteer crapola, Adult Career, two children who were born along the way and went through public school here.

We have been fortunate (I KNOW THAT!) to be able to work at decent jobs here our entire adult lives. And we have never been all that far away from most of our family members. It’s a five hour drive to the yooperland where my (late) parents lived but it was do-able and we still go there because of the family beach property.

But mostly we are here because we love it here. I can’t even imagine deciding to start over in a new place.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been reading so much about relocation. I’m sure people are moving out of WA because of the housing prices and away from the cities because of the homeless and crime. Some are going east or to other states because of politics and our stricter Covid restrictions. But my mom is close, one daughter, my friends, my Book Club–and I can’t think of a good reason to give those up for the unknown. I can always visit other places without moving there!