She’s coming to my front door? She has a clipboard. Knock knock. Oh dear…

Another solicitor. Mask dragging along down by her chin. She was NOT intimidating at all. Just about the opposite. Mumbled her name, asked me to grab a gas bill and give her [mumble mumble] information from it. Did she work for the gas company? I could not tell. I told her I didn’t HAVE a gas bill around to grab. That surprised her. Um, I have auto-paid the gas bill since back in the wild wild west days of the internet. Like before this young woman was born. She looked genuinely surprised when I told her how long I have been auto-paying my gas bill. I mean approximately. I can’t really remember when I switched over to auto-pay. Don’t most people pay their bills that way? Maybe she doesn’t have a gas bill?

She mumbled something about the meter and I thought that meant she could go get whatever info she needed from the gas meter, which is outside. I did NOT want her in my house. Oh no, mumble mumble mumble. I could NOT figure out for the life of me what she wanted but something about once she had this information, she would lower my bill. Um, I don’t even LOOK at how much I pay for gas. I know that whatever it is, it is NOT breaking the bank. If it WAS, I would notice it.

I was WORKING, duh, so at this point the GG got involved. He gently but pointedly asked her questions about who she worked for and was she trying to get us to sign up for something we didn’t want. She became more and more discombobulated and finally said she was starting to feel uncomfortable. I mean, anyone who feels uncomfortable with me and the GG is NOT cut out for door-to-door sales. Neither of us projects “serial killer” and he really was being very gentle with her. And SHE came UNSOLICITED to OUR door. What am I missing here?

There are two reasons I didn’t immediately send her packing. One was that she acted soooo unlike the usual pushy salesperson that I didn’t think she was selling something. The other is that there is an effort in our city to become “independent” from Big Gas Company. People are angry at what they think are more power outages than necessary. There is some truth to that. It’s why we bought a generator. But. I am against HASTILY “firing” Big Gas Company and replacing it with something untried. For a while I thought she might be connected with that movement but she “worked” for a company we have never heard of as the GG finally figured out. I suspect if “we” do decide we need to consider privatizing our energy, there’ll be petitions and hearings and all that kind of stuff.

I actually felt sorry for this young woman. She was NOT an effective solicitor. I’ve been wondering if she gets paid to do this or is being exploited in some way.

The pic is from the Big Mac a couple weeks ago when the Twinz of Terror crossed it. That “trail” through the ice is from an icebreaker.

2 Responses to “She’s coming to my front door? She has a clipboard. Knock knock. Oh dear…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Going door to door is a job you couldn’t pay me enough to do!

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Couldn’t pay me a gazillion dollars to do that. What’s weird is that because of where I’ve lived these past 20+ years—in a condo, on a busy street in a Seattle suburb with a killer steep driveway, and now on a remote rural beachfront house, we NEVER get solicitors. I can barely remember what that was like! (Haven’t had trick-or-treaters throughout that time, either, except the condo).