Man Woman plans, god laughs

I had big plans today. I mean besides work. I was gonna make veggie casseroles for the GG and his Ohio NCT hiking friends. Eggplant parm and enchiladas. The non-veggies can put chicken on top or not.

So I got up this morning and took a shower like I always do and then I put a load of laundry in and then I chunked up some onions and green peppers and put them into the Cuisinart to process after I got some garlic at Plum. And then I went downstairs to move my load of laundry into the dryer. Except. That. There was a big lake down there. Jeebus.

The GG went downstairs and I took off to the Plum, wondering if I would be able to actually cook anything today or if we would have to decamp to a hotel or whatever. I really did not want to do that.

Roto-rooter came out and (knock on wood) we are safe in our own house. Our guy was talking about our BIG TREE maybe sending roots out. It may be that we need to get rid of that tree and I am not averse to that. Being meeee, I had to make a joke. That tree has only fallen our house once.

Knock on wood we are okay for a while. I eventually finished my cooking stuff but took a wee bit of time off this afternoon to complete it.

2 Responses to “Man Woman plans, god laughs”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Do I hate water on the floor or ceiling of a house? Indeed I do! So much stress. Glad it got worked out. In a strange twist, my post title will be very similar to yours. (I didn’t plan it or anything!)

  2. Pooh Says:

    We’ve had the lake in the basement experience multiple times. Was it raining before this? One time the plumber explained to me that when our house was built, code was to route the gutters into the house sewer system. “All that rain that was on your roof, is now in your basement. Other times, the sewers backed up, without the additional rain. When it got so that the plumber came back just 6 months later, he said we should probably have the City Water Dept. scope our pipes. The video showed big holes in our 75 yo cast iron pipes. We had the whole sewer line replaced with PVC. And yes, the big fir tree in the front yard was also indicted as a culprit. Good times! (or not)