Himself, in Ohaaaaio again

There he is. I can only assume that his drive was smooth despite light flurries. No snow where he is. We have it here but it’s not significant.

We’re at the end of February and winter doesn’t feel DONE yet. Who knows what March will bring. I remember a year when February ended with a couple weeks of very mild temperatures and NO SNOW. And then. I had been called to jury duty on March 1st (a Monday) and it was zero degrees. I reported for jury duty and actually served in the weirdest way you could imagine, maybe I’ll try to write about it some other day if I can manage to reconstruct it. And then the first couple weeks of March were cold and snowy as all frickin’ getout.

There have been other Marches when we have had temps in the 90s, Like the year all the trees flowered and we had the Dexter Tornado.

This year? I’m guessing we’re gonna seesaw up and down temperature wise and we’re probably gonna get a few more snowstorms but they are going to melt quickly.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Himself, in Ohaaaaio again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The car is awesome. Love that color. I thought we were done with snow and then got a dusting. We’ve had rare snow in March and one year a foot on March 1, but I will definitely take off my winter tires during that month.