Inch by inch

Despite brilliant sunshine all day I anxiously awaited the temperature to rise high enough to MELT THE ICE! It seemed to hang out in the low 20s forever but eventually made it alll the way up to 40. Plenty of ice and snow melted today but some stubborn patches of ice in the driveway, which is on the north side of the Landfill absolutely refused until I attacked them with some salt. It’s gonna get cold again overnight so anything that melts and hasn’t been treated with some kind of de-icing agent will re-freeze.

Not much exciting today. A beach urchin spent the night here and we had a wee bacon/hash brown brek this morning, then I had her drive us in Cygnus along the river and downtown. We tried to think of someplace to get a take-out lunch but couldn’t come up with anything. That is CRAZY because this is “restaurant city” but I think we both had something like the Griz in mind and we were too lazy to look up their Sunday take-out hours plus it is Downtown and I at least didn’t really want to deal with Downtown except to drive through it. And then we TRIED to drive Main Street but there was such a long line of cars we bailed out onto Washington and headed home. In the end we cleaned up some of the taco leftovers from last night and I call that a win-win.

I’m cooking salmon piccata tonight, which’ll probably feed me for a few days. The recipe, which I ran across on them thar inter-tubes, drives me NUTS. It describes EVERYTHING starting from selecting the salmon in GREAT DETAIL. I guess some people like this kind of thing but me? Just list the ingredients and provide a TERSE description of what to do with them. I mean, this kind of recipe is actually so simple that it doesn’t even really need a recipe. Know what I mean? I do like an ingredient list because otherwise I forget things unless it’s something I’ve made umpteen bazillion times (and even then…). Like eggplant parm. I started with the old Veg Ep recipe and that’s usually what I use but if I happen to have some extra pasta sauce in the freezer I am just as happy using that for the sauce, even if there’s meat in it. (Don’t tell Veg Ep🤣) Anyway, this is my second time cooking this salmon piccata thing. A couple more times and I’ll have it memorized. And hey! It’s helping me use up the “lifetime” supply of capers I bought online during the early days of the pandemic.


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  1. Margaret Says:

    The latest recipes are almost like reading a blog post and I get lost in the verbiage. I almost left out an ingredient in my first French silk pie because I was wading through too many words. I love salmon but have never heard of salmon piccata.