I have been draggin’ my *ss outta the rack all winter. That means I don’t get up at six, not that I sleep until 10 or even anywhere near eight. Again, it’s NOT Long Covid or Covid Brain Fog or anything like that. I couldn’t do my job (or word puzzles) with Covid Brain Fog. It is probably partly related to Covid but it’s a mild psychological thing. Like not one that I need to go and talk to a therapist about, just one I have to live through. I can and will do that. MILD is the operative word here. I’ve pulled myself through various other things throughout my life. Like “heartbreaks” and bouts of “what do I want to do when I grow up?”.

The heartbreaks? I don’t even think about those guys now. Some of them are probably dead… And I guess I’m finally doing what I was destined to do when I grew up. But then there are all the other jobs and things I have done as an adult, including raising two exceptional people. I was good at figuring out the jobs. The kids raised themselves. I can get through this too. It’s actually a lot easier than those other things.

Today? I woke up early and could not stay in bed until six for the life of me. So. Up. Shower, laundry, cleaned whatever bits were left in the kitchen, a FEW ITEMS TO FLING are now in the garbage cart (hey, we can’t recycle EVERYTHING) or in Cygnus to donate. Word puzzles and a bit of leftover brek, then settled into work.

It doesn’t sound like much but today was heartening and it got me thinking more about flinging… Maybe I need to dip back into Flylady again to help me chunk big jobs into small tasks. She helped me out when I felt overwhelmed back in the 2000s. I got things kinda under control and then The Commander died and we had to clean out the Dillon House… And no we did not have an estate sale despite pressure from a former relative to have one. Funny thing about friends and relatives with all kinds of ideas is that they usually aren’t willing to put serious elbow grease into it, just provide a Noisy Paintbrush or whatever. I know estate sales can be a great way to get rid of stuff for some people. We cobbled together our own strategy mainly involving the moomincabin garage as a staging area. It worked for us so at this point we’re back into our own flinging…

G’night -KW

P.S. The Commander did not leave a big hoarder mess at all. She got rid of a LOT of stuff the last 10 years of her life. I so appreciated that.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I dread having to deal with my mom’s house which is a big house and has quite a lot of stuff, although it’s an orderly place and she’s far from a hoarder. My sister-in-law and brother have used part of her garage and some of her unfinished rooms as storage for themselves which I wish they would deal with. It’s been a downer kind of week, month, couple of years?