One laptop down

I have had three laptops in my possession since sometime last summer. Two of them belong to Corporate America, not me, and I’m not counting all the old repurposed MacBook whatevers that still reside here.

For whatever reason Amazon Woman and I had a meeting of the minds over the weekend where I remembered (again) that I needed to get the emergency laptop back to her and she suddenly needed it (for another team member). This kinda reminds me of a “double” dream that 🐭 and I had during pre-vaccine covid. I dreamed that I went into the Plum without a mask (I was exclusively doing curbside at that time) and was panicking about it at the front of the store. She dreamed that a co-worker reported that I was at the front of the store without a mask. I kid you not, these tandem dreams were within one or two days of each other 👻

Anyway, I told AW I needed to DRIVE (I did) and I would love to drop it off at her house. In the end, she needed to run an “urgent” errand to her kid’s middle school so I met her over there. This was not without some trepidation. Not because I didn’t know where to go. In fact, that middle school is probably less than a mile away from the Landfill and I have walked that neighborhood umpteen gazillion times in my life. I was worried that this was afternoon and if it was the end of the school day, all the soccer moms would be crazy-driving their vans and SUVs through the warren of little streets there and I wouldn’t be able to find AW’s car. As it turned out, it wasn’t crowded (yet) and she parked in a very easy place (and texted me her location) so the hand-off happened without incident.

I picked up my middle-schoolers at Forsythe/MYA when they didn’t take the bus. I would get over there early, park in front, and clean out the box of crap between the seats of the POC. I don’t think I have ever picked up a kid from Slauson although a couple of mouse’s friends were not afraid to call me from Pioneer High when they were sick and I was happy to pick them up. Landlines then and I “worked” from home, managing a youth theatre guild and doing non-profit treasury work.

Who I *have* “picked up” from Slauson is my cousin the Grand Poohbah and that was waaaaay back in the Jurassic Age when we would visit our cousins here on The Planet Ann Arbor. They lived more or less around the corner from Slauson and after a long boring day of going to museums and eating lunch at fancy restaurants where I didn’t really like the food, I would walk around the corner to Slauson to meet my cuzz as she was leaving. (This only happened once or twice.)

2 Responses to “One laptop down”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It seems like every mom drops off/picks up her child from school and roads around the buildings are an utter mess. My kids both rode the bus.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Yes! We were almost as close to Slauson as you were to Lincoln!