Piedmont Lake

I hate FaceBook. I mean I am still “on” FB and have no plans to shut it off. I hate the ads. I hate the promoted posts. I hate 99% of the memes. I’m tolerating the Wordle posts while hoping they run their course (and I DO the Wordle, not to mention the Quordle). I hate the news articles with totally misleading clickbait headlines (but that is no way near as bad as it was five years ago).

I hate hate hate the idiotic political tropes by people who do not have the “tools” to RESEARCH whether or not a news source is telling you facts or garbage. Yeah, I know, all y’all are doin’ yer own “research”. Covid is fake, vaccines kill, professional scientists with long careers are lying, commies are gonna take over the country, Beto is gonna take our guns, undocumented immigrants are gonna take our jobs, yada yada yada. If that last is your fear, maybe getting some edumication might help? One meme I DID like was something like “they’re coming to do your nails and mow your lawn”. Not that either of those jobs are not honest, honorable work.

Today it was gas prices gas prices gas prices and Biden is bad Biden is bad Biden is bad. The good thing about this is that Cygnus is getting low on gas and when I finally get around to filling her up, I won’t be shocked by the pump price. I’ll do what I always do when gas prices rise, AS THEY DO no matter which political party has the majority and whatever else is going on. I’ll close my eyes and pump. And yes I DOOOO understand that it’s a hardship for many people. But it isn’t solely Biden’s fault. I am not an economist and there’s a lot I don’t know. I DO know that any rise in gas prices is due to extremely complicated political and economic situations. Like we’ve had for the last couple years. Make that five years. Or forever. Everything is in a constant state of change and no one person is capable of keeping ahead of all the variables.

Is Biden perfect? Of course not. Am I perfect? FAR from it. Would we be better off if TFG aka The Orange Baboon had won in 2020? I believe not. Can I articulate my reasons for saying that? Not tonight and probably not ever. “Hydroxychloroquine” might sum up the tip of the iceberg of my thoughts 💩💩💩

As I write this, I am thinking about someone I know who in the last couple days has made an emergency trip to the vicinity of Ukraine to pick up vulnerable relatives. They have made their way out of a war zone and are currently lodged in a refugee camp. I don’t feel like I can say much about this (actually I don’t KNOW much about it) but praying in my own godless way for these folks who have left their home maybe forever.

P.S. Mansplainers will be eaten by bears! You know who you are. I 🧡 you ANYWAY.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree with all of this. I hate high gas prices but can afford them. I prefer them to gas shortages like the ’70s.