Ukrainian tights and other random stuff

I’ve been buying tights online from Snag Tights for a couple years now. One of the things I love about Snag besides the fact that the fit is wonderful is that they use models of ALL sizes to show their tights. (I’m not plus size but happy they support diversity in that way.) If there’s a caveat it’s that their shipping takes quite a long time. I don’t mind that because I always have a lot of tights hanging around and am pro-active about ordering them when I feel like my stash is starting to disintegrate. But the first time I ordered, it was Halloween-themed tights and I was wondering if I was gonna get them on time. I did 😃

Anyway, I got an email from them the other day saying that in addition to other efforts to support Ukraine, they had designed “Ukrainian” tights with a blue leg and a yellow leg with proceeds to be donated. I pre-ordered two pair. Other people are sending handmade quilts over there and those are needed along with stuffed aminals. I know how to quilt but am not actively doing fiber arts. For now, this is one small thing I can do. And YES, I WILL wear the tights.

They’ve found The Endurance! When the beach urchins were young, the grandparents had a book about this incredible journey at the moomincabin. I wanted to link to it but there are a bunch of books and I can’t remember the author 🐽. The grandparents and Radical Betty were in a book club run by the LSSU elder hostel The Comm and RB helped found. Many of those books became multi-generational family book clubs of a sort. Not that we discussed them much. I think the main thing we talked about from the Endurance book was to nickname my niece “Pengo Janetto Cookie Tester Penguin Hoosh!” (We’ll talk about “The BFG” some other day.)

So, down in O-haaa-o, it was snowing when the GG and his gal pals got up and there is the Lyme Lounge. There were tons of ticks (yick) yesterday so hoping those aren’t out today. Here it was cold-ish (28) but dry all day and got up into the 40s. I needed to drop something off at the post office and my drive over there at seven o-clock AM was loverly. A few traffic lights but NO traffic and NO ONE in the PO parking lot. The PO was closed at that hour but the lobby was open so I parked, ran in, threw my parcel in the drawer, and was home within 15 minutes.

Mr. Golden Sun is swinging north in a big way and when he makes an afternoon appearance, he hits my front window where my office is big-time. I was actually HOT for a while this afternoon.

2 Responses to “Ukrainian tights and other random stuff”

  1. isa Says:

    who is collecting stuffed animals?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I think it’s great how involved people are in the efforts to aid the Ukrainian people. I wish I could do more.