Snow showers tonight? Oh okay. Whatever.

It’s the month of March and we certainly get snow in March so we’ll see what we get. I’m not convinced it’ll be a lot but who knows.

I got this pic from the GG in O-haa-o and all I could say was “don’t bring any of that stuff home”. I am flinging and when I finally get around to executing the “R” word, I will strongly consider hiring Kami Certified Kitchen Lady to help me renovate my whole house. The dungeon is a frickin’ mess. The people who owned this place before we bought it did some remodeling down there and it was kinda cute when we first bought the house but it is a frickin’ mess now.

Today was a bad and good day. The bad was a work rif. Not me, at least not this time but it could happen at any time. The good was that our Ukrainian friend was able to extricate his relatives from a refugee camp and they are now en route to the United Snakes of America.

I can’t even imagine having to leave The Landfill because of impending war. Not to mention the moomincabin and moominbeach. Why do we keep having to do this stuff?

2 Responses to “Snow showers tonight? Oh okay. Whatever.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Work RIF are scary especially if you want to keep working. I’ve had my March snow although I had to travel to New York to get it. 🙂

  2. Pam J. Says:

    I must admit that I kinda love that wash house structure. Those wash tubs are great and if someone tried to give them to me I’d probably have to take them. And then hide them from my husband. There must be hillbilly in me.