March snow

It’s March. We got an inch or so of snow overnight and it kept coming down throughout the morning. Hmmm… Will I have to shovel or not? Will it melt today? If it doesn’t, I think I have 24 hours to get the snow and ice off my sidewalk before neighborhood tattletales can file tickets against me.

I don’t mind shoveling but I waited for a long time to bother to shovel. The temperature was in the upper 20s and projected to get into the 30s. And that’s what happened and Mr. Golden Sun did his best today so at the end of the day, our sidewalk was basically clear, if wet. Old Man Winter will definitely throw some more snowballs at us but he is on a downhill slide.

One Response to “March snow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Snowed several inches here (3?) but is now melting with cold temperatures coming in. Ice? I fly out tomorrow so I’m not thrilled by these weather conditions.