Bomb cyclone twins

Actually only the first pic is a bomb cyclone pic, from the GG who is still hiking the Appalachian North Country Trail somewhere in O-haaa-o. The second is one the UU (aka the GG’s identical twin) sent me. It is NOT a bomb cyclone pic. Just typical yooperland March (and April and May) weather and he is passing through Trout Lake. (Thanks for letting me steal your photo if/when you read this.)

Here on the Planet Ann Arbor, we are not having a bomb cyclone. It was actually sunny a lot of the day but it is cold and blustery as all getout. A man who was coming outta the Plum at the same time as I was this morning was cheerfully complaining about the cold. I VERY cheerfully replied, “This is Michigan and it’s winter!” Come to think of it, I do NOT think he was wearing a HAT! I was at least wearing my ski band. I wanted to be wearing a balaclava but as y’all might remember, I look like a lady bank robber in that thing. Then again, I was not wearing a jacket, just a polartech vest on top of a winter-weight turtleneck that may or may not have a hole in the elbow. Can’t remember which one I was wearing. But what the heck, I had egregiously idled Cygnus at 85 degrees and put the bush warmer (sorry for the NSFW) on high.

Supposed to get warmer over the next few days? We’ll see…

I read a lot today (more on that in a future post when I finish my current trilogy) in between chinking at regular maintenance chores and reorganizing my winter flinging efforts. I have three boxes and counting for Kiwanis and some stuff to box up for the Scrap Box if I can ever figger out their covid-era donation schedule. It’s like they are only taking donations on Thursdays when the moon is green but then last fall they suddenly put a Facebook callout for paper grocery bags and whine corks. On a Sunday? I had a TON of pristine paper grocery bags from my Plum curbside days and a fair number of corks so I mustered PDQ and schlepped them over there.

2 Responses to “Bomb cyclone twins”

  1. Bill Says:

    Hiking in West Ohio on the Buckeye/North Country Trails. The snow was icy and thick. Cleaning the car was a chore. The temperature was about 20 all day long with high gusting winds. It was bitter. Bomb Cyclone is a good name.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Got hit a glancing blow by the bomb cyclone in the Hudson River Valley. It was no fun and we stayed in.