I was irate but I had to blush when the syrup came into focus

What a weird weather day. I let myself sleep a little late because daylight savings time and then I waffled about a trip to Miejer. But then I just got myself up and over there.

The roads were dry but I was a wee bit later than I usually get to Meijer and, while the store was not crowded, the UScan? This Meijer UScan is something like eight-ten stations with a sort of “feeder” aisle. Usually when I get there at 0-skunk-30, I waltz right through the aisle and get to pick my UScan. Today… A couple of musheens were broken and there were more people than usual and I had to wait in line. The woman in front of me was NOT masked. I kept my distance.

Eventually the line started to move. I was at the front of it when the guy behind me (*masked*) asked if “that” UScan over there was open. No. No it wasn’t. Nor was the one next to it. And a few others. Some of them had green lights and some did not. Both of us eventually got outta there. When the UScan gal (unmasked) told me the broken musheen was now available, I told her thank you and added, “You’re having a morning.” Yes.

The roads were dry for my whole trip but sometime later in the morning I looked out the window and snow was coming down to beat the band. Apparently the area roads were plagued with accidents most of the day (SLOW DOWN PEOPLE). I decided not to shovel the sidewalk because I knew it would all melt (and it has) so I was a bit embarrassed when I realized our next door neighbor had scraped it for me.

One Response to “I was irate but I had to blush when the syrup came into focus”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Crazy weather! I know it well. You remind me that I need to do a grocery order.