Marital bliss with Mr. Bolton

The Pensioner walked in today after 18 days away. He was on the phone with his brother and the question was, “Did we get that car insurance rebate yet?” Such a wonderful greeting.

The deal is our state has ordered the insurance companies to rebate $400 per vee-hickle for mumble-mumble-pandemic-reason. We have two vee-hickles. And no we haven’t gotten the check yet. I looked online and our insurance company had NOTHING about it. I’m sure they don’t want to call attention to it. I did find a news article saying it would be sent out beginning in the second quarter but some people have already gotten theirs. I mean, it’s $800 dollars. That’s not chump change but it isn’t gonna break the bank if we don’t get it immediately. (I’m not trying to make light of this. I know there are people who need every cent they can get their hands on and I’ve been there.)

Then there was a bunch of rummaging around in the Landfill Chitchen, thankfully I wasn’t in a meeting or I couldn’t have heard anything. That culminated in Himself carrying a bag of trash and an plastic water bottle into TeleCubelandia to ask if I recycled water bottles. I am Garbage Woman and yes I do but it’s complicated. I take the CAP off because Recycle Ann Arbor doesn’t like caps. I do NOT crush it (he was in the process of crushing it). I’m not sure whether that makes any difference or not. I mean, we throw all of our recycle into a big cart outside the front door. I’m thinking it might be easier for their musheens to sort recyclables if a bottle is not crushed? But who knows.

It wasn’t until later that I noticed he has once again grown a John Bolton mustache. This was an early pandemic phenomenon but he eventually shaved it. It’s baaaaaack!

Things I don’t do while he’s gone: drink coffee in the morning (or any time) and listen to satty-lite radio on the pod in the evening. Things I don’t do while he’s here: worry about the frickin’ smoke alarm going off in the middle of the night for NO REASON and worry about dungeon lakes. Actually I don’t really worry about dungeon lakes that much even though I hate dealing with plumbing problems. I HATE HATE HATE our smoke alarm system. I’m pretty sure it CHIRPED once and I braced myself for a bunch of shrieking and “fire, fire, get out,” like what it did early one morning last fall. Fortunately it didn’t do that.

P.S. I lied in the first paragraph. He did give me a “well hello there” when he first came in. The car insurance thing was the second time. Also, I don’t really know anything about the pic. It’s just something he sent me from O-haaa-o.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate my smoke alarm system too and those CHIRPS. Especially when I’ve just installed batteries. I have 8 of them and one is on the cathedral ceiling! I drink coffee every morning, sometimes more than once. 🙂 My bad.