There are so many days I don’t really have anything to write about. Today (for what little it’s worth), I am choosing between two topics. Daylight savings time was first and foremost until a friend sent me this link about the J&J vax this afternoon. If you don’t wanna click, it somewhat vindicates the J&J from being considered substandard to other vaccines.

That’s the vax that I got, almost a year ago. A couple months after that cases were very low in the Great Lake State and elsewhere and we were told we could abandon our masks if we were vaxxed. Around the time that “advice” came out, I was still doing curbside pickup and delivery but I soon started a bit of in-person shopping and even went to a few restaurants. I DID NOT ABANDON MY MASK. My gut feeling was that we weren’t done with covid and we certainly weren’t. I still don’t think we are.

Around the time boosters started to become available, there was talk via various sources that the J&J wasn’t as effective a vaccine as Pfizer or Moderna. The red-headed step-sister* of covid vaccines? Of course that gave me pause. Nevertheless, I lollygagged about getting a booster because I am pretty low risk, mainly because I hardly ever come into close contact with anyone (except the GG) without a mask.

So, if you know me or are one of my five? nine? whatever? regular readers, you might know that I got breakthrough covid (from the afore-mentioned GG of course🤣) a couple months ago. You also might know that my ONLY symptom was a cough unless you count EXTREME ANNOYANCE but that’s not a real symptom. As I’ve said before, I’ve had worse symptoms with the good old common cold.

The article corroborates thoughts that I have had since the beginning. (DISCLAIMER that I am not a scientist.) I will NOT give TFG credit for Operation Warp Speed or whatever it was. I WILL give credit to all of the scientific folks who somehow managed to develop vaccines and test them for safety and effectiveness in a very short period of time. I also believe that those folks were standing on the shoulders of many who came before them. They weren’t starting from scratch. That said, with a global pandemic going on, I don’t think they had the time to study the nuances of how each vaccine would fare in the long run. There is still a lot of data to analyze so who knows what conclusions will eventually be drawn.

I got the J&J because it was the first and easiest available to me without driving to Ohio or whatever. Why “we” didn’t pour as many resources as possible into getting needles into arms as quickly as possible, I will never know, but I know that a year or so ago it was not easy for any old Joe or Jane to get a vax.

*Red-headed step-sister? I was thinking that was a euphemism for being sub-standard. The google brought up a bunch of porn sites? What? My late sister-in-law The Beautiful Susie was a GORGEOUS redhead and I loved her dearly. She was the GG’s younger sister, 9th child out of 10, and we sorely miss her. Not sub-standard or porn star.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Red heads are unusual to start with; I love red hair! I don’t think we’re done with this mess either but masks are gone and unlikely to come back. (not as a mandate anyway) I have good quality ones that I’ll continue to wear until I see how the wind blows.