Fool Moon

It’s not Fool Moon yet. That’s in April and I’m not going this year. It’s a very cool outdoor event but it can be crowded and I’m just not ready yet, even though I’m probably as immune as I’m gonna get, at least for now.

The truth is I’m still not really ready for any kind of Prime Time yet. Restaurants? Not yet. In that case it’s as much about the service issues that are probably still happening, at least on Friday night. Last summer when we briefly braved a few restaurants (four for me, I don’t even wanna know how many for the GG), the service was often as slow as molasses. I did NOT blame the restaurants or their beleaguered servers. They were excellent but working under horribly short-staffed conditions and I tipped well as I always do. Just that I don’t really want to spend a couple hours in any indoor space with a bunch of other people, many of them unmasked. I mean, how can you eat with a mask on.

I said I would blahg about the “Eide family trilogy” when I finished it. I did, a few days ago, and then a relative decided to read it so I decided I better get on the stick. (Geez, my dad used to say that and just now for the first time ever I wondered if it had a meaning I’d never thought of before 🤣🤣🤣)

Anyway the books are “The Lighthouse Road”, “Wintering”, and “Northernmost”. The first two books are set entirely on the north shore of Minnesota and the boundary waters, the “shore” meaning Lake Superior. A lot of the third is set in Norway and Svalbard. These books (like most) have their flaws but I liked the story and the writing (especially his descriptions of the natural areas the characters encountered). I think my relative will at least like the “adventuring in nature” parts of the story but I won’t be offended if they decide it’s not their cuppa.

Some folks on Goodreads complained that the books jumped back and forth throughout the years and they couldn’t follow that. I don’t usually have any trouble with that kind of story construction and thought that this one was particularly clear. The first book would have worked as a stand-alone with some loose ends left dangling but lots of books are like that. The second and third largely followed other people’s stories but it was all the same family. They provide info about some of the loose ends in the first book and it all kind of loops back together in the end.

The one part I didn’t like was a chapter or so of gratuitous sex in the third book. There was some sex in all of the books but it was usually relevant to the plot and not explicit. I am not a prude so I was only annoyed, not offended but I don’t really want to read descriptions of somebody’s “cock” in a book. But that was a very small nit and at least it wasn’t a mushroom p*nis 🐽🐽🐽.

Gotta go, we’ve got virtual porterization going on.

2 Responses to “Fool Moon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Gratuitous sex/violence, especially if they’re described in detail, aren’t my thing. I went to get my winter tires taken off and NO ONE except me was wearing a mask. It was extremely awkward, so I went outside and walked around for several hours. Luckily, it wasn’t raining.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    The time change has been a dinner time topic for a few nights. (There are 3 adults here, and we eat dinner together every night at 6 sharp, so dinner conversation is typical. We are so old school I realize as I type this.) We ended up using apples to re-create the sun and planets to figure out the angle of the sun, and on and on and on. Then this morning our local paper ran this great story with visuals.
    Hope it doesn’t have a paywall but if it does let me know and I’ll give you my password.
    I have absolutely no preference for savings or standard time, so I guess that makes me in favor of it because I hate the fall time shift. And now I’m reading scientists weigh in on what the change would mean for our health, our circadian rhythms. Seems to me that the body should know how to handle daylight without human intervention.
    The books sound interesting. Thanks.
    BTW, this is the second time I’ve encountered the name Svalbard in the last 3 days. A place I didn’t know about until now.