Five trips to the hardware store.

The first three (or four) hardware trips were related to the plumbing issue in the pic. I’m not sure what the last one or two were related to but the GG was in engineer mode today.

The mouse and raccoon are spending the weekend at a cabin in a state recreation area in the northern lower. There was so much slush on their driveway that Oriole (Subie Crosstrek) could not make it all the way up. This isn’t all that different than their current home in the Manchester “mountains” except that the roads there do get plowed.

The funny part is that some young 20-somethings in a “little” Honda something or other managed to venture up to the mouse/raccoon cabin and got stuck. The raccoon figgered out how to build a road to get them going again.

Way back when we drove the Indefatigable (1992 Jeep Wrangler) to Hoton Lake in April when it (the jeep) was pretty new. We were out on the back roads when we encountered a couple walking down the road toward us. Their vee-hickle was STUCK. We put them into the Jeep (the beach urchins were not very happy about sharing seats with them) and drove up to where they were stuck. The GG built a “road” for them and got them going and then we definitely followed them out to make sure they made it. They wanted to pay us for our help. Nope. Pay it forward!

One Response to “Five trips to the hardware store.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Have you ever tried that Subie X-mode? I didn’t know what it was and wish I had when we had our snow–not that I had issues with AWD and winter tires. I think it’s like 4 wheel low in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Getting stuck is a big fear of mine. Glad you could rescue the couple.