Red wine and blue

Yup. At this point in time, that would be me. Red wine because that’s my preferred taste in whine. Blue? Because I have totally shifted over into the blue end of the polly-tickle spectrum since I was a child and my parents voted for republicans. Back then I thought my parents could do no wrong.

As the Republican party shifted farther and farther to the right, my mother started to vote for Democrats. She would have HATED The Former Guy aka The Orange Baboon. I’m not sure whether my dad followed her over to the blue side of the polly-tickle spectrum or if he just gave the whole thing up. Voting is secret, right?

As I remember Republicans in my childhood in the 60s, they were for smaller government. I don’t disagree with smaller government. But I don’t think today’s Republicans are serious about smaller government. And yes, one of the things I am talking about is pro-choice rights. How soon does the average woman know she is pregnant? Not usually at six weeks. But we won’t go there tonight as much as I want to.

What about book bans? I wrote about this a few days ago and today I found the Red Wine and Blue site. So if we are gonna ban books, who is gonna decide which books to ban and what criteria are they gonna use to ban them?

One Response to “Red wine and blue”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The GOP used to be for limited government, right? Now they want the government’s hands in everything from books to women’s bodies.