No meteors tonight

A few years ago on my birthday (in January), I was in the chitchen and I heard what I thought was thunder. Except. That. It was January and the sky was clear so no thundersnow. It turned out to be a meteor. Yes, really. It was found on the ice atop an area lake a day or so later.

This afternoon we had a thunderstorm. Just a mild one although there was a lot of rain. And no meteors. Our mouse and raccoon were here for dinner. There’s Low Earth Orbiter and Oriole out in front of our house. It still feels weird to have family members over for dinner but I felt good about it tonight. BBQ chicken thighs and orzo salad with feta, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I could have done better on the salad but it was more than edible.

Around the time our family/guests arrived, I asked the GG to put music on the pod. The supreme court hearings had been rolling along in the background all day and I said to the GG that if he didn’t put some music on, he might find himself bailing me outta jail. I am sorry. I think our republican senators simply don’t want to put a Black woman on the supreme court no matter how qualified she is. I think it’s that simple and from listening to her speak, she is DEFINITELY qualified. What a bunch of frickin’ idiots. Interesting that today’s NYT spelling bee had three forms of the word idiot in it… (Hope that’s not a spoiler for anyone.)

I am at the end of tonight’s disjointed entry and I am not in jail. G’night.

One Response to “No meteors tonight”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That salad sounds yummy minus the olives. Love black but not fond of green or kalamata. I would lose my mind listening to those cretins, morons, imbeciles. I’m a walking thesaurus of words for stupid heads.