Space pandas

When you can’t think of anything to blaaaaaahhhhhgggg about, sometimes it helps to go back through old photoooos. In this case, VERY old photos, as in taken via our first digital camera, the Sony Mavica. It saved photos on FLOPPY DISKS so I was forever schlepping around extra disks plus batteries, double As I think.

So, this photo is of a couple young yaggots in a production of “The Revenge of the Space Pandas or Binky Rudich and the Two-Speed Clock”. I don’t normally post pics of people without their permission but one of them is my kiddo and I know the other kiddo but this is sooooo old, both of these people are successful adults now. Hahahaha! I DOOO remember this particular kid once when my mouse had her learner’s permit and was driving us to a rehearsal. His mom was passing us on Stadium and he was in the front passenger seat of her car and I will never forget his face when he realized that MOUSE IS DRIVING! Anyway, after she got her legal license*, he and other kids rode with her many times to and from rehearsals and cast parties usually in The Indefatigable (1992 basic Jeep Wrangler) but sometimes the POC (1996 Island Teal Chrysler minivan).

Anyway, did we perform this play at the “verushky” house (formerly the UU Church until it went mega) or did we perform it at the Ann Arbor Academy? I can’t remember but it was a small, improvised venue in any case. I don’t really remember much about the plot but I remember we had soooo much fun doing this play. I think the panda kids had a lot to say about their costumes and eventually those with long enough hair made panda-like pigtails but I couldn’t find a pic of that tonight.

I was never into drama as a child but when it was offered to one of my kids, she glommed onto it big time and then the rest of us got into it too. My “role” was never much to do with what was going on on-stage although I spent a lot of time running around backstage. For one play I was a one-person orchestra, riffing off some virtuoso French flute music alone in the orchestra pit at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre.

Mostly I kept track of data and money, etc. Rehearsal dates/times, cast lists, tickets, programs, you name it. If I could do it on or with my computer, I owned it. Miss those days sometimes. Oddly enough my beach urchins never seemed freaked out about having their moom around at their preferred extra-curricular activity. I did try to stay out of their business though.

*The GG taught our kids (and our nieces and friends and cousins of all degrees) to drive WELL before legal driving age on an abandoned airbase in the yooperland. My kids also took drivers ed as SOON AS THEY WERE ELIGIBLE. The more supervised experience the better before driving solo.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Patt was much better at letting the girls drive than I was. They never would have done freeway driving if it had been up to me. I wasn’t into gymnastics or ballet until my daughters participated, then I was hooked.