A stew kind of day (with no trips to the hardware store)

It’s beef, not lamb, mainly because Plum doesn’t ALWAYS have lamb (no complaints!) and I haven’t been down to Sparrow lately. Need to get there!

Anyway, I schlepped over to the plum in Cygnus this morning. It was snowing to beat the band but at 35 degrees, the roads were not slippery. In any case, it’s only a few blocks. I got all the way up to the door WITHOUT my mask AGAIN (this is the second time), so I scurried back to Cygnus to snag it. When I got BACK up to the door, my fave cashier J was sneaking outside to catch a pic of the snowfall. She (cheerfully) blamed it on me and I couldn’t deny that I may have caused it, yooper that I am.

All the cashiers at Plum are great but I use the UScan whenever J is not there because I am a UScan Ninja. But J and I are kindred spirits and when the woman who was bagging suggested I could relax for a bit and let her bag, J said something like, “No she doesn’t really relax. She’s a lot like me.” We both bagged.

So morning was good for me but in general it was a crappy day, at least weather-wise. The snow settled down but it was one of those fugly blustery cold days that we get in the spring season (well, any season really). The GG was haaaaannggging around until he wasn’t. He did NOT make any trips to the hardware store today (alas) but he did decamp to the Lyme Lounge to listen to a couple of podcasts. I got some chores done and I am reading a goooood boooook. More on that later…

One Response to “A stew kind of day (with no trips to the hardware store)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Tantalizing on the goood boook. I wanna know! Our weather was pretty nice but it’s that between temp where I’m too cold without a sweatshirt but too warm with one.