Nothing has happened yet

Oh gawd, another frigid blustery day. What did I get done today. Not much.

I cleaned my Office. My office is a basket. It contains:

— pens (that I rarely use)
— envelopes (a few)
— postage stamps (frogs! grok grok grok 🐸🐸🐸)
— scotch tape
— styluses for using my phone in ice-cold weather without taking my glubs off
— a book of checks for the 2-3 times a year I have to write a check (hey, if they’re not at hand, I’ll forget where they are)
— make-up (don’t ask) and a couple other things like antibiotic cream and After Bite (even though it’s not bug season)
— scissors (sewing, utility, and nail)
— my covid vax card
— a bunch of sewing tools for when I finally FORCE myself to do some mending prodjects
— I fergit what else

A sewing pin disaster was what prompted me to clean my office. I had a spill so there were pins all over the basket. Then the cheapo plastic pin box BROKE so I managed to gather all the pins, schlepped them to the dungeon, grabbed that blue magnetic thingy and put some of the pins on it.

Then there was the UNFO (unidentified NON-flying object) that maybe I’ll blahg about if and when we figger out how the heck it ended up at the Landfill. I swear, it’s hard enough to fling your own stuff that you at least sorta know is around. When things randomly show up that you have no clue where they came from?

After I found the UNFO, I found a cloth LL Bean travel bag with various pairs of tights in it plus a doubled-up set of glubs. I JUST ORDERED eight pairs of new tights. This is stuff I HAVEN’T UNPACKED FROM SUMMER! I was disorganized last summer. It wasn’t covid brain fog (I hadn’t had covid yet) and it wasn’t early-onset dementia. Just. I do not have words.

I dunno if the tights are clean or dirty but they’re in the laundry now along with the Bean bag.

You’re in the laundry now
You’re not behind the plow.
You’ll never get rich you son-of-a-bitch.
You’re in the laundry now.

Sorry. (Grok grok squee-grok! I want some londry detergent! Yer friend, Froooggy 🐸🐸🐸)

One Response to “Nothing has happened yet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your basket is much neater and not as full as mine. I finally went through it when it started overflowing and it’s now marginally better. I have otters on my stamps instead of frogs!