Great aunt and uncle again

I could count up all of our great nieces and nephews if I wanted to bother but I’m not gonna do that tonight. We have a lot of them. We love them all, as we love their parents. Another great niece was born today. I won’t tell you the details. I don’t KNOW the details. The details aren’t any of my business.

The baby was born in our local hospital and when the GG finally found about the birth, I felt like I had to hold him back from going downtown to visit. Um. The hoosegow will have covid protocols in place and will NOT let a great uncle in. Poor poor GG. He LOVES babies. It was announced on facebook and the GG only sporadically looks at facebook so he didn’t see it until I pointed it out.

We didn’t call our nephew to congratulate him. Here in the social media days, our nephew has 400 facebooks likes/comments and counting. He is going to be busy for a few days, mostly with his lovely significant other and their baby. He does not need to deal with a bunch of folks calling him up.

This is different from back in the day when we welcomed our own children into the world. After Lizard Breath was born, the GG high-tailed it over to Bubs and Harry’s house to tell them. My Dear Uncle Harry (who loves babies) pointed out that the GG was still wearing the slipper thingies he was issued at the hoosegow.

Mouse came a little earlier than we expected, like “I wanna get outta here”. She was three weeks early but VERY healthy. The grandparents got down in time to help take care of both my kids and (with npJane) we planned a surprise for Bubs and Harry and Radical Betty who had just returned from a European trip or whatever. We arrived at Chez Harry with our newborn Mouse in arms. My Dear Uncle Harry (who loves babies) whispered, “Boy or girl?” I answered, “Girl”. Radical Betty told me later, “I loved her as soon as I saw her.”

We haven’t met our new great niece yet but we already love her.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My dad loved babies too, my late husband not so much. He loved it when they got older and could communicate and DO things. 🙂 Congrats on the new grandniece!