This can’t be Tuesday ’cause I’m in the Landfill, not Belgium Da Yoop

bootsSorry that title doesn’t make sense. I am in the Landfill. I kind of want to be in the UP (but not Belgium, that would take too much work). Whatever. Dream a little shoreline dream for me.

Anyway, one of these days I am going to get a decent photo of this Bootsacatsa-like black cat with white feet and ears in the shape of isosceles trapezoids. From frostbite, don’tcha know. I see this old boy about once a week. At least I think he is a boy. I haven’t checked. I’m not sure he would let me get that close in any case. I call him Boots just because. Because he looks almost exactly like Boots, my aunt Katie’s cat that I grew up with, right down to ears in the shape of isosceles trapezoids. From frostbite, don’tcha know. He was born with the usual triangular ears. Boots was an old beach cat and he did not put up with any you-know-what. In general. I do remember him sort of barely tolerating Muksaslooie, a young whippersnapper interloper that zoomed all over everywhere including the then elderly Boots. Muksaslooie (Mike) grew into a crotchety old coot in his own time and there are a lot of stories that I remember about his life but that’s a whole ‘nother blahg..

I think Boots was around before I was, and I was afraid of him when I was little. I think I had some kind of encounter with him at an early age, one where he didn’t really want to put up with whatever I was trying to do to him. I don’t really remember anything about it so maybe I’m just remembering my moom doing some panicking for me. Anyway. I was afraid of Boots and I was afraid of dogs too until we got Tigger. After that, I wasn’t afraid of dogs and cats any more and I am not afraid of them now but I do get annoyed with people that let their untrained trophy dogs loose in the schoolyard when I am walking there early in the morning but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.

I may be wrong but I think this 21st century Boots-like cat is a feral cat. We have a few of those around the neighborhood and this cat doesn’t have a collar or anything. He let me get pretty close to him this morning. I thought he was interacting with me and I managed to get my iPhone turned on and open the camera app but just as I was clicking the button, he turned in disdain and trotted off. So that blur is what I got. Then I heard a noise behind me and I turned around and saw another feral-looking tomcat. Big, puffy-furred gray tiger striped character. Didn’t manage to get a photo of him at all. Or was that “tomcat” female? I dunno.

Anyway, just another summer morning on west-side Planet Ann Arbor. Still not sure what kind of interaction I interrupted.

One Response to “This can’t be Tuesday ’cause I’m in the Landfill, not Belgium Da Yoop”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We have a feral cat too–and it still doesn’t let us get close to it, even after 4 years. We don’t even know if it’s male or female!