No, I was in the band! Like you-ou!

purplesMy nearest cube neighbor, who is around my age, and I were joking around and I suggested that the reason she doesn’t remember another co-worker who went to her high school is that he was probably a projector-head and she was probably a cheerleader. She looked at me like I was a little nuts and replied, “No, I was in the band! Like you-ou!” And yes, we were both in the band, albeit not at the same high school. (My cuzzints Pooh and Jay did go to her high school, here on the Planet.) Anyway, we are both flute players. She at least had the good sense not to major in it at college but she wasn’t a comp-sci major either and here we are, both working in the IT industry.

So, this morning, a facebook/childhood friend had taken a FB quiz, “Who were you in high school?” and I just couldn’t resist. Yeah, I know. I don’t care. It was 5:30 AM and I needed to waste some time before I took my morning power-walk. Well, wanna know what my result was? Head cheerleader. Yes. Moi. “Say what?”, I thought to myself as I involuntarily spat my orange juice at the screen and then fell off my rickety old office chair and convulsed into a writhing heap of laughter on the floor.

Head cheerleader? Me? Hmm. I was a teenager full of dreams, including being a cheerleader, or at least being popular like the cheerleaders always were. Alas. I was also brimming over with angst, awkward in almost any social situation, and so lacking in confidence that I was terrified to raise my hand in a classroom situation, even if I knew the answer. Actually, half of that problem was that I *often* knew the answer but being smart in school was not cool in my school. Or so I thought back in the deep, dark, gray-green, greasy Limpopo days of my mis-spent youth. At any rate, it was a kind of double whammy that I’ll explain some day when I feel like boring y’all to tears. Or maybe I already have…

The truth is that I don’t know who makes up those Facebook quizzes but they can be a bit bizarre sometimes. On the high school quiz, I had a really hard time selecting options that really described what I actually did in high school. For example, there was one question about what you did after school ended for the day. Hmm. I finally chose an option that said something like, “go home and do homework while talking to friends.” I do remember going home and doing geometry homework in front of Lost in Space re-runs but I wasn’t talking to friends while I was doing it. The heck? We had one blasted phone line in our house and I have never been much of a phone person, even on good days. They didn’t have an option for “practices the flute and/or piano for five hours”. So I couldn’t choose it. And then they asked about the prom… Wow, so many people seem to have had issues about the prom. There was only one option I could pick, fer kee-reist. It was “went to the prom with the football quarterback.” Problem here. I didn’t go to the prom with the damn quarterback. I don’t even know who the quarterback was that year. I was dating a very nice college boy that year and I went to the prom with him. The Commander made beef fondue for us and another couple in our crappy old Superior Street dining room before it. No limousines in those days. But the other choices? All involved not going to the prom, not going with a boy, going with your cousin from out of town. Kee-reist. Of course, I got the result “head cheerleader”.

Anyway, I can’t remember all of the quiz outcomes at this moment. “Projector head” or something like that *may* have been on there. I’m pretty sure that “Would like to be popular but spend too much time playing the flute and hate the phone and social interactions” was not.

It’s okay. Life does get better.

8 Responses to “No, I was in the band! Like you-ou!”

  1. isa Says:

    what is a projector head?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    The projector head was the guy who could always hook up the audio/video stuff. This was many years ago. But now that I work (outside the home, don’tcha know) I am one of the people who seems to routinely be able to deal with the blasted projector. Plugging and unplugging, and focusing et al. I, a mere woman!!!!!

  3. grandmothertrucker Says:

    I have a facebook. I never even look at it. There’s about 5 people on it. When I first signed up, I was over run with about 50 invitations to a bunch of crap, which I have decided to politely ignore… every one of them. My friends kept sending me drinks and answer these survey thingys….. Good thing the drinks weren’t real or I would be hammered. The same thing with myspace. I like to see wha’ts going on with people, look at the photos, even steal some… but I am not answering surveys. In college I took a 300 question survey, to see what kind of job I should have. Hospital Administrator… huh? I don’t like to publish my business for God knows who to go dishing through with who knows who sitting there with them, looking at my stuff????

    If I had a blog, who would read it anyway? I have nothing to write about. I live in a truck. Wanna know what they’re saying on the CB radio? This week… pathetic Michael Jackson jokes… over and over….. I’m on the East Coast right now. Charlotte, NC IKEA store. I’m parked out back of the store till tomorrow morning. I deliver all the food in their little Bistro store out front by the registers.

    Actually I picked up a skid of wine in Washington today. A tiny warehouse full of wine!!!! The nice guy there gave me a ferkin of wine, ya know, one of those cute little barrels with a stand and a spigot!!! It’s from Hungary, about 10 years old, and he told me the wine was probally awful or vinegar by now, but I LOVE the ferkin!!!

    I drove right by Renee, but I bet she was at work. Going to Georgia tomorrow….. anybody interested?? I do get to travel around and see a lot, but it’s always from the highway or a delivery or pick up…. ho-hum.

  4. Margaret Says:

    I served punch at the prom! I wonder what I would be. I’m not mechanically inclined,so probably not projector head. Is there one for smart nerds?

  5. Tonya Says:

    I, along WITH Margaret, served punch at the prom. And played the clarinet in band (well, and saxophone). I’d go home and watch “Dark Shadows” and then do my homework, practice my clarinet and/or saxophone, and then read a book. I never dated until I was OUT of high school. (I got a kick out of the “projecctor head” — I knew exactly what you meant! We used to call them the “AV guys” which typically meant “loser” although the mom of my very first boyfriend — out of high school — was the “AV lady” at our high school who oversaw all those AV Guys and she had a warm spot in her heart for them).

    So many of those FB quizzes are pretty asinine. And the horrible grammar REALLY irks me. (There’s that nerd part shining through yet again!)

    Grandmothertrucker absolutely cracks me up.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    You guys all crack me up! 🙂 Well, walk, coffee w/ Planet A2 friend, work half-day or so, I75 SUV Speedway!

  7. jane Says:

    I don’t do the Facebook quizzes either. I enjoy seeing how others were categorized though. 😉

    Banana – drive safely on the way up. There will be maniacs all around you!

  8. Pooh Says:

    “When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school,
    it’s a wonder I can read and write.
    Kodachrome, kodachrome, give me the nice bright colors…”

    (or something approximately like that.) Heard on NPR that Kodak has stopped making Kodachrome film — too many of us have switched to digital cameras. Now the projector heads help the nice (or not 😉 ) substitute teacher hook up the laptop with the DVD to the Smartboard.

    Meanwhile, said guest teacher is trying to figure out how to teach kids to learn and think on their own, while still getting them to do the Common Regionally Approved Program, C.R.A.P.