Sloggin’ along Pine Sol style

So this isn’t what’s going on tonight although we are having a ‘hattan.

I went to the farmers market this morning for the first time since sometime in the fall. I was enticed by a Sparrow Market facebook “story” about blueberry maple sausages more than anything and I got those plus a whole chicken. The farmers market is not anywhere near Full Swing but I did manage to snag some good looking potatoes. There was a lot of other good stuff but that’s all I needed today.

It’s been forever since I have had to pay a parking meter down there. The meters don’t accept money until 8:00 AM, which is when the winter market opens. So of course I had to set up my ePark payment information *again* so it was probably five minutes before I could actually get outta Cygnus, parking paid for without fishing around for quarters, which I only use at the Up North Laundromat in the summer.

The GG got on a deep cleaning roll today and Pine Sol is his preferred cleaner so you know what the Landfill smells like now. I hate the smell of Pine Sol but I am glad he did this today even though it drove me a bit nuts. I am okay at day to day cleaning but not so much at deep cleaning, although the chitchen needed that. In particular, the glass items on top of the cabinets needed to be taken down and cleaned and the shelf they occupy vacuumed and washed. I *thought* I was helping by cleaning all of those glass items but later on, I caught him rubbing them down with Pine Sol. Okay. Nothing I do is right or something like that. Still glad it’s done and I’m trying to resolve my feelings of inadequacy for not being more help. But when the GG and/or his twin get going on something, sometimes it’s better to stay outta the fray.

2 Responses to “Sloggin’ along Pine Sol style”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My late husband was like that too; he did huge cleaning projects but not the day to day. When he attacked the refrigerator, it looked brand new and very organized but his process of doing so stressed me out.

  2. l4827 Says:

    It looks like April 1 was a great feat of 8 feet in one planetarium. Lots of fun!