Do. Not. Buy.

I don’t mean EVER. I mean that if you are in the Westgate Kroger (you know who you are) and you find yourself reaching for zesty Italian dressing, you better call KW. She will do a quick inventory and tell you exactly how many bottles of zesty Italian dressing are already at the Landfill. Not to mention whatever might be in the Lyme Lounge but I am not gonna bother to look out there.

I cleaned the refrigerator today. Oh don’t worry, there really weren’t any science experiments in there today. I was remorseful about throwing out a small container of goat cheese (looked fine but two months past the date) and some packaged fresh herbs that I bought a few weeks ago that were looking pretty wilted. I do keep up with the fridge these days and except around holidays and our end-of-summer return from the moomin there isn’t usually a whole lot in there because we don’t eat huge amounts of food and the GG is often outta town. I eat leftovers then and when I get low on those, I get prepared or semi-prepared stuff from Plum.

But still. Today I found FOUR bottles of zesty Italian. I can’t quiiiite combine even two of those bottles. I don’t really buy store-bought salad dressing very often. Usually I make balsamic or sometimes red wine viniagrette from “scratch”. I could make those ZESTY but I usually don’t.

I AM NOT COMPLAINING that the GG buys bottled salad dressing. I KNOW why he does it. If you are rattling around camping in a 13-foot trailer, you are trying to conserve space and a bottle of prepared dressing takes up less space than bottles of oil and vinegar and whatever herbs you might need. I would be doing the same thing. Also he uses zesty Italian to marinate things and it’s a great marinade.

All I am saying is we need to get more organized about camping vs. household grocks.

One Response to “Do. Not. Buy.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like Zesty Italian although there used to be packages of it that you would mix in a cruet with vinegar and oil. I don’t know if you can still find the packages. Is that what you’re talking about? I’ve found multiple packages of cream cheese; I should make a cheesecake! I kept ordering the spreadable kind for my bagels and forgot to click no substitution. So now I have many bricks of cream cheese!