A little snort

From Old Man Winter. I took this photo when I figgered the snow clumps were about at their biggest. Not too long after this the snow turned into rain and there is no white in sight this evening. That’s April here in the Great Lake State.

The book I couldn’t put down over the weekend was “Water For Elephants”. It’s been around for a while but I hadn’t read it before and apparently there is also a movie that I haven’t seen. The few reviews I saw on Goodreads were not that good. People were complaining about the romantic entanglement of a couple of “star-crossed” lovers and a lack of character development in general.

I dunno if I can put this in words. First. Yeah, the main romantic entanglement may not have been described in totally eloquent terms and the female love interest was probably not fleshed out very well. Or was she? To me, this was an “action” story. That relationship was important but how many other kinds of relationships did this novel describe? Person-to-person. Person-to-aminal! Not to mention some inter-generational human relationships. And the coming of age story of the protagonist.

I also love circus novels. This is a relatively tame one compared to “Geek Love” where the mad scientist circus owner did his best to beget circus freaks (yes really). “Geek Love” may not be for everyone and I would do some serious googling before reading it.

But circus life in general, at least back in the 1920s is interesting and I think this author did a good job of researching that and incorporating it into this story.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved WFE although I read it a long time ago and barely remember it. The snow will soon be gone for another year (or so).