If it’s Tuesday…

…I must be crazy. Because I keep thinking it’s Thursday. Which is trash day. As I moved Cygnus into the driveway this afternoon, I kept thinking I had to park her strategically so I could roll the carts down to the street without running them into her mirrors.

But no, it’s not Thursday. Anyway, I have a weekly reminder at 4:00 PM set on my phone to put the SMELLY stuff in the garbage. That’s because I freeze things like chicken bones and shrimp shells until garbage day. That way I (usually) only have to put out one kitchen bag of actual garbage each week. Hey, it’s a game! The Garbage Game.

I know of other people besides me who do/did this. Radical Betty froze garbage because back in the day when the beach community had to take their garbage to the dump. They took turns driving it there and she didn’t want other people to have to smell her garbage. A few years ago I learned that my NCT friend Greg (alive and kicking) also froze his garbage. I fergit his reasons but they were similar to mine.

We won’t talk about how many times I have had to ‘splain to the GG why I am putting a baggy of shrimp shells in the freezer.

Does the fact that I am using a ziploc bag to freeze things balance out the kitchen bags I am NOT using? That’s not part of the game yet.

If you were wondering, yes, the Garbage Game is kind of an anal retentive game 💩💩💩

2 Responses to “If it’s Tuesday…”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    I freeze lots of potentially stinky foods, including those styrofoam trays for raw chicken. I play trash games and might up my game in response to your post. I’m suggestible that way.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Love Pam’s comment! I had never thought of freezing garbage but seafood stuff needs that for sure. I would always cook fish right before our garbage pick up day. 🙂