Looking for spring. Nowhere in sight.

The GG is chompin’ at the bit to hike in the yooperland and the northern lower. The problem is weather although that may mitigate a bit soon. For the life of me I cannot figger the weather forecasts this week. For today he was in Gaylord and it was raining like crazy. Given that he’s in Gaylord, it could be snowing eight (or twelve) inches. A few years ago I was driving the Ninja from the yooperland down to the Planet Ann Arbor in the middle of MAY and Old Man Winter threw a snowball at me in Gaylord. The freeway was so crappy (whiteout) that I took the northern exit and drove through town knowing it would clear up on the south side, which it did.

The pic was taken eight years ago. It was 2014, the Polar Vortex winter. People seem to forget about that winter. I don’t know how they can. I had a glacier in my southeast Michigan back yard until the middle of April. We get snow here in April but not snowbanks.

We were hiking in the yooperland in this pic. Some people were wearing snowshoes. We were not. It didn’t make much of a difference. Those of us who did NOT have snowshoes were “post-holing” down into deep snow. Snowshoes sunk down below the soft, deep snow so people had to lift up their WET snow-laden snowshoes. Take your choice, I guess.

One Response to “Looking for spring. Nowhere in sight.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember that PV and I don’t even live there! We are up in the mid 60s and 70s this week but who knows what comes next? Spring is very unpredictable around here too although not in a snowy way. After having said that, I quickly checked the weather forecast and Sunday and Monday, mixed rain/snow. Huh?