I hate this kind of weather. It’s not really all that cold (39 or so) but it feels bone-chilling. Gray and windy. It’s April and even though I know better than to wish for it, I do wish for just a little warmer air. 50s maybe? That would be okay. Maybe tomorrow? Not getting my hopes up.

I finished the book Mecca. I liked it although I dunno if it would be everyone’s cuppa. I wanted an epilogue for one thing. Anyway, this Mecca is in California, not Saudi Arabia. There was a lot of talk about the heat there and I don’t wish for triple digit temps. EVER. I did like that the author incorporated the coronavirus into the story in what I thought was a realistic way. It rang true to my experiences and didn’t take over the story.

I had to laugh yesterday when my two Indian-American colleagues asked if I was in the yooperland. I explained that the moomincabin is a rustic structure that is not winterized (no central heat or insulation). We have to close it for the winter. They wondered about the pipes so I explained that we drain them in the fall and pour antifreeze down the terlet, etc. Then I explained about the MOUNTAIN of snow in the driveway/parking area. They’ve both been living in the northern USA for many years so are very familiar with snow but I don’t think they can imagine the amount of snow the yooperland gets. I’ll have to send them a mini-slideshow.

Off-topic and not politically correct but this reminded me of a kindergarten friend of one of the beach urchins. Her dad is from India and once when she was over here, she told us about her heritage. She made sure to inform us that he was from the Indian subcontinent and not a Native American by saying, “He’s *east* Indian, not *wild* Indian.”

I grew up in an area with a lot of Native Americans and NO people from India. I *talk* to people IN India every day now. I don’t need to tell you that there are “wild” folks with every possible DNA combination. But it was funny.

P.S. The pic is from the GG and is the lower Tahquamenon Falls.

2 Responses to “Blaaaaaahhhh…”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    I’m sure this is very un-PC but my husband and I often use this question to distinguish between different kinds of Indians: red dot or feather?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I too grew up with the Native American Indians and very few East Indians although there are many more now. Our weather is COLD too. The passes are getting hammered.