Waxing gibbous

If you look closely. It’s above the She Shed between two sizeable branches sticking out to the right.

Much better weather today although it started out cold. I eyeballed Cygnus in the driveway at 0-skunk-30 and saw that her veeeensheeeld was frosted. Oh well. I didn’t need to do any Egregious Idling because I didn’t go out until 10AM because that’s when Old Jazz starts up on WEMU. By that time, it was clear.

My spy mission of the day was to drive down to Cubelandia and take a look. I dunno why. I knew nobody would be there. Our end of the building is totally empty and there would be no reason for anyone to be there. The landlord told Amazon Woman he didn’t expect it to rent any time soon. It’s odd that despite a number of existing empty buildings, a fancy-looking new building has been built over the last couple years. This is not just since the pandemic. It’s been going on for years. All that said, our building was nothing fancy, just a sorta shabby cube farm, except for the ponds and nature areas. Maybe other folks need more specialized facilities.

I remember when I went there to interview for my job. I walked in and wondered if I could work there. I’d had a cube of sorts in my childhood career but that was nothing like this cube farm. Going on 15 years later from that interview, obviously the answer turned out to be Yes.

After that I took Textile west from South State until it ended, then angled up and around to Swan Corners and eventually up through Dexter and home. Lotsa dirt roads, which Cygnus handles very well as long as her driver stays away from potholes but the details are boring so you don’t really want to know them.

Mr. Golden Sun was out all day in a cloudless sky no less. This afternoon we got up to the upper 50s and that meant I could hang out in the back yard soaking up some rays. It was HOT for a while until it wasn’t and at that point I decamped to the the Landfill interior.

And now the GG is home again with all of his detritus. He came home with various food items including a bag of salad, which I avoid buying but it’s been opened and he doesn’t seem sick so I’ll give it a go. At least he took a shower before attempting to get anywhere near me. I think it’s been a couple days 🐽🐽🐽

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