“What a day for moom!”

And yes, it was. In weird little ways. And don’t continue reading unless you don’t mind watching paint dry.

First, I got to do TWO NYT spelling bees today! I did the spelling bee and eventually got to Queen Bee after nailing down a couple of stragglers.

When I texted 👸🐝 to the beach urchins, they replied that they had a NEW BEE! I knew what was going on. After I get to Queen Bee, I allow myself to look at the COMMENTS. I don’t look at them earlier because some people post SPOILERS, usually unintentionally but still. Turns out that when some folks (not us) opened the bee this morning, it was already completed. So they posted a NEW bee.

At least one of the beach urchins hadn’t gotten the first pangram by the time the new bee was posted so I told them it was “lavatory”, which wasn’t a spoiler any more. I won’t say what the pangram for the second bee was.

Not to outdo myself, I MADE THE SMOKE ALARM AT THE TOP OF THE DUNGEON STAIRS GO OFF TODAY! Yes. I was broiling breaded eggplant slices for eggplant parm and after I flipped them, I set my phone timer for five minutes. BUT I FORGOT TO HIT START. I know that they weren’t in there more than about a minute too long but as I was realizing I needed to take them out NOW and started scurrying to the kitchen, the smoke alarm went off.

At least we know it works. I don’t think it’s connected to the shit show of four alarms within 10 feet or so. This battery had been dead for I dunno how long and the GG replaced it a couple weeks ago. He has told me a couple times now that the alarm at the top of the dungeon stairs is probably the most important one. Non-scientist that I am, I KNEW THAT. I am always happy when a smoke alarm goes off when it actually detects SMOKE (and there was barely any of that) and not randomly in the middle of the night. Bah humbug.

One Response to ““What a day for moom!””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate the chirping and the number of batteries I have to replace but understand the need for working alarms. The girls and I do Worldle–Ashley is usually best, Alison 2nd and me worst. I consider 90% or above a win.