Yay for spring

Although I am not counting my “sickens” yet because I think heard the S word somewhere down the road. For today I think it got up into or close to the 70s. Enough that I was able to soak up some rays in the back yard after work this afternoon.

Which. What I was doing today involves the SWIFT network. You may have heard about that in the news a bit lately? Related to blocking Russia from doing business. Normally most people don’t hear about SWIFT at all. We handle a bit of SWIFT stuff at my work (not likely with Russia) and it can be pretty confusing if you aren’t a SWIFT Wizard. We have some SWIFT Wizards but I am not one of them. But I have a knack for understanding file formats and that’s largely what I’m doing. So I am, again, looking through our old internal documentation to figger out what the heck we are doing. But who knows what I’ll be doing tomorrow…

All the while I was doing this the GG was washing windows and other external things. It was fine and it badly needed doing but it was nerve racking to keep wondering when he was gonna pop up on the other side of my teleCubelandia window. He’s now wondering how many square feet of window glass we have. I dunno. Go measure it 🐽

Apparently the Haisley Garden is A Thing again! Yay! This garden was created waaaay after my time as an esteemed officer of the Haisley PTO. I would have begged off helping with it back then because I have a Black Thumb. But I love it and it seems more successful than the bit of “prairie” that was created with great fanfare back when I was on the PTO. I dunno if we really HAVE prairies in the Great Lake State. Seems to me like our biome, left alone, would revert to deep forests.

Anyway, the garden was a going concern for a few years. And then 2020 hit. No garden at all that year. I mean, we were all washing our groceries and taping off playground equipment. Don’t touch ANYTHING. Anything but wearing masks, which might’ve helped slow the spread. Um, noooooo, now we know it’s an aerosolized virus. Maybe we’d’ve figgered that out sooner if The Former Guy had not been our “dear leader”. I don’t remember what happened with the garden in 2021. I think probably nothing. In-person school didn’t happen until spring and I’m sure EVERYONE was too stressed out to think about the garden, at least not in an organized way.

So this is a good thing and I will be checking the garden out regularly. Cheers!

One Response to “Yay for spring”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Gardens are wonderful; it is cheery and exciting to watch things grow. It is 38 degrees outside right now and has been snowing although not sticking. 31 for a low tonight. The local kids are disgruntled since this is their spring break. More like winter.