Wood Smoke

My hair and some of my clothes smell like wood smoke right now. That’s okay with me. The GG announced that he was burning “stuff” in the back yard today and eventually I went back out there for all the fun. It is in the 40s today and I wore a balaclava when I first went out there. I went back in to change my polartech vest for my Smartwool jacket. I went back in again to put my Smartwool leggings on. I went back in a third time to grab some glubs. And then I just plain went inside. Too frickin’ cold for me.

I don’t mind the smell of wood smoke. Cigarette smoke I do not miss at all. I didn’t used to really notice it. Both of my high school boyfriends smoked cigarettes and lots of other people did too. In the early years of my childhood career at that there EPA, people had ashtrays at their desks. I didn’t really pay all that much attention. Eventually the EPA banned indoor smoking even in your own office. My then boss Byron went outside to smoke and probably do other verboten things.

But after that was when I started to notice that when we went to restaurants, etc., I would have to wash my clothes the next day. My hair also smelled like cigarette smoke but I wash my hair every morning as a rule.

The GG has not *ever* been a cigarette smoker, which is a good thing. So smoke-free household forever. When I would come home from work or wherever and the GG had entertained smokers, which happened a couple of times, I would know as soon as I walked in.

Wood smoke on the other hand reminds me of my moominbeach Old Cabin childhood, with wood faaaars in the big old stone faaarplace.

One Response to “Wood Smoke”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I very much dislike smelling like any kind of smoke. I’m especially not used to it now since public places went smoke free and we gave up camping.