It has a garage!

I can tell by the memory photos that get served up to me that spring is slow coming this year. Here are the first wildflowers I’ve seen this year, at least in “my” woods. Scylla, I think. I’m not sure if these things opened up during the day but they’re on their way. I love blue flowers. I saw trout lily leaves in the woods today but they are not budding yet. Trout lily flowers are yellow but they are elegant. Last year our flowering bushes were in full bloom and I think the forsythia was full tilt boogie.

Easter weather is a mixed bag around here. One year it was 90 on Easter Sunday and we started the day kayaking down in the river with little cans of V8 juice and baggies of Cheerios for breakfast. Then there was the year that we slodged through a big wet snowstorm over to Knight’s for dinner on Good Friday. And way back when I think we had a tornado somewhere in the vicinity.

Oh, the days when we could just pick up and walk to a restaurant without thinking anything of it. Hanging out at the bar making friends until our table was ready.

Today it was cold but sunny and the S word is in tomorrow’s forecast. The GG deep-cleaned most of the back room and then I took him on a wee spy mission north and west of town. Before we reached our spy destination, I took him by the MAGA ranch (or whatever it is) on Gregory Road. Our destination, only a few miles east of that, strikes a decidedly different polly-tickle tune with a church festooned by rainbow colors and BLM signs up and down the road.

So mainly a boring day and I am heating up a very small ham with mashed potatoes and asparagus (not in season here yet) as a general nod in the direction of the Easter holiday.

One Response to “It has a garage!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like boring days! I mowed both lawns, went over to my brother’s with my mom, ate too much and enjoyed the sun and 63 which is changing to mid 50s/high 30s. Unpredictable indeed!