A poop portrait

Of all things, the Uncly Uncle (GG’s identical twin) took his grandson on a joy ride to the moominbeach today. I guess that’s where you go when you want to see big piles of snow in April and they are now attending the in-person part of the monthly Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore North Country Trail meeting. The GG is on zoom or whatever they use.

I alerted my cousins that an unfamiliar vee-hickle might come down the road.

The UU sent me some pics of the snow and the moomincabin plus this LOVERLY pic of deer pellets. The snow is still huge but I can see it’s disintegrating a bit despite some continued cold temperatures. This is a “portrait” photo. I’m not sure he knew he was in portrait mode 🤣. Maybe he did. But I thought it was funny. Portrait of deer poop.

Down here on the Planet Ann Arbor I woke up at that Batscope Hour processing some stuff from work and although I got back to sleep, I was up earlier than usual (a good thing in this Covid Winter) and after MMCB FaceTime, I jumped online to work and immediately fell into a huge rabbit hole. You don’t wanna know.

The GG spent most of the day making all kinds of noise in the Landfill Dungeon. Banging and clunking and vacuuming. At the end of the day a whole bunch of stuff to donate, recycle, take to the landfill (the city landfill, not OUR landfill). We HATE to take stuff to the landfill but y’know, we do have to get rid of stuff and if nobody else wants it, we’ll have to use the landfill. We’ll do it quickly, with our eyes closed, and then we’ll move on until the next time.

Who do you know who has covid now? Now that “we” are lifting mask mandates everywhere under the sun especially on public transportation, people I know are getting it like crazy and I think more people are gonna get it and more variants might evolve. I am not (for now) all that worried about myself but it isn’t just about meeee. It’s about OTHER folks too. I know this message will mostly go into a void but I have to keep saying it. Mask up, mask up, mask up. No matter whatever anyone else is saying. And PLEASE vote these anti-mask folks out of office. This is an ongoing public health problem and it should NOT be politicized.

Love y’all,
KW, breakthrough covid survivor and public health warrior

One Response to “A poop portrait”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Still very pro-mask and double boosted. Still don’t want the virus though. And STILL will vote against any anti-mask/anti-vax candidates which means blue all the way. (rarely voted a straight ticket if ever but that’s the way I’m leaning lately)