I am a blank but I guess I grocery shop

So here is a sunrise. This is not from this morning. This morning it was raining anything between drizzle to cats and dogs. No visible sunrise, no waning gibbous. I did a utility grock run at 0-skunk-30. That means I went to my fave big box grocery store (Meijer) to get stuff I don’t usually buy at Plum and can’t get at the farmers market. Like terlet paper and Windex and yada yada yada.

I used to go to the Westgate Kroger for that stuff sometimes but since the pandemic it hasn’t always been well stocked or staffed. It is where I did most of my shopping for many many years until the Plum Market opened. I was well acquainted with a lot of the cashiers there in the early years and one was even my then next door neighbor’s sister-in-law. Essie. She was sooooo good. Those cashiers are probably mostly dead now (ugh). There was a young bag “boy” who I think had a bit of a crush on me but he was really nice and once when I had infant Lizard suited up in a cute little lavender snowsuit, he made the comment that she was offspring in the form of an airplane. And yes, she kinda did look like an airplane in that suit.

There was also a bagger guy who had what I can only guess was Tourette Syndrome. On one particularly bad day (for him), he got stuck on asking “Paper or plastic?” over and over and over again. I side-eyed the cashier and she rolled her eyes. I also used to see him at the laundromat sometimes when the Landfill londry musheens broke down, which they often did in those days. He was gone from Kroger long before the Plum opened and I switched over to that for my main grocery store. I dunno if he was faaaared or what. He didn’t freak me out but he may have freaked others out. He seemed to have some other issues too but overall seemed harmless. He may also be dead now (ugh).

Anyway, Meijer always seems fully staffed and pretty well stocked and at 7:00 AM there are hardly any other customers around and a fair number of those are masked. Like me. Aother reason I like Meijer is that they opened a store in Sault Ste. Siberia and I don’t even have to deal with the I75 SUV Speedway Business Loop to get there from the Moomincabin. The Commander would have LOVED it. Not to mention, a young cousin of mine works for Meijer corporate and she is a Force of Nature. So they’re hiring good people.

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