We don’t need 11 umbrellas

For real the GG has gotten on board with flinging this week. And we have really made some progress largely due to his efforts.

He made two trips (count ’em) to BOTH Kiwanis and Share House. They took some stuff I couldn’t believe ANYONE would take. They did NOT take 3-ring binders. They advertise that they take those but apparently they are overwhelmed with them for now. I was not all that surprised. We were late to the pandemic cleaning game for various reasons and I figure a lot of people have already dumped off stuff like that.

Back before the laptop days when I was a non-profit treasurer for various orgs and a youth theatre guild admin, I was forever buying 3-ring binders not to mention other office supplies. I was actually one of those people who had a huge affinity for office supply stores and would sometimes buy stuff I didn’t even need just because it was cool (don’t tell the GG that). It’s now been YEARS since I’ve been in an office supply store, I mean since pre-pandemic.

And then there’s the whole thing about “This is a perfectly good umbrella.” Yes but we don’t need 11 umbrellas! Or, “didn’t your parents pick this up in Europe?” Yes probably. When my parents were in their 70s, they took a bunch of guided tours to Europe. Think buses and things. They would go to various attractions and there would be a gift shop and they would buy some cheap little tchotchke. I loved my parents but The Commander died 10 years ago and none of these little thingies mean anything to me. So I am done. If I put something into a box for donations it means I think somebody else might love it more than I do.

Tough love.

P.S. I did not get rid of the Duck Umbrella.

One Response to “We don’t need 11 umbrellas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Even I don’t have that many umbrellas! 🙂 It feels good to get rid of stuff but we have to work our way to that point. I have to fling without John around because he always wants to sell the “valuable” items on eBay.