The epitome of mouse-osity

Ugh. It’s getting to the point where I have to actually do a little light math to remember how old my children are. The milestones are blurring together. Once when I was 40-something (my kids aren’t there yet) my dad sent me a card wishing me an “un-happy” birthday. It referred more to HIS age than mine.

So this one completed another trip around the sun today. She had a beautiful hot sunny day and explored a bunch of nature preserves. I have pictures from other years of her standing in snow on her birthday.

I think I post this pic most years. We were doing a brunch type celebration that year. My brother’s fam brought the outfit and she IMMEDIATELY removed the clothing she had been wearing and changed into it right in front of god and everybody. The Commander made the hat, the shoes were her sister’s play high heels, and Speedy Water Janet Pop Mousey Mushroomears was a constant companion (and still is but protected now). We spent a huuuuuge amount of time back in the day discussing the differences between scurry mice and puffalump mice.

Here at the Landfill we had a pretty sleepy day. I will blame a couple things. One is the hot weather. We have barely approached 60-something yet this spring. 81 was a shock but we are heading back down the escalator after today. The other is probably all of the socializing we did yesterday. The GG napped this afternoon (but he often does). I NEVER nap but I STRUGGLED to keep my eyes open for a while this afternoon.

Heavy rain and t-storm warnings now. Cheers!

2 Responses to “The epitome of mouse-osity”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday to Mouse! I think she’s a couple years older than Ashley? Or is that your OD? I’m getting very confused! We had a warm day today but will drop by 20 ish degrees and get rain. My lawn is completely mowed so it can now do whatever it wants. (which it will anyway!)

  2. jane Says:

    Happy Birthday Mouse!!! So glad you had a lovely warm and sunny day for celebrating