Not your usual spring flower type pic

This is one of the “perks” of living next to a school. I’m not sure why these particular masks have been saved here on this gatepost. There are plenty of other discarded masks lining the sidewalks and scattered across the grounds. Some of them are the disposable kind, others not. Maybe there’s a particular OCD teacher or parent who picks up masks while others do not. I dunno.

I don’t pick discarded/lost masks up off the school grounds as I am walking through on my 0-skunk-30. It’s not that I am afraid of getting covid (or any other virus) from them at this point. Some of them have been sitting out there all winter. It’s just weird. Some parents may be keeping track of their kids’ masks. Others probably not. I think EVERYONE has multiple masks these days.

I was OCD about some things my kids took to school. Spoons were one thing. My “silverware” (stainless) is not fancy but after a couple of spoons I packed into lunch bags didn’t make it home, I wrote a little post-it note and wrapped it around the spoon: “Please don’t forget to bring me home, Mrs. Spoon.” Mrs. Spoon always came home after that 🧡.

I have a boxful of KN95 masks, which are what I use these days for my quick early forays into stores. I have kept my original *beautiful* batik fabric mouse-made masks and maybe someday I’ll incorporate them into some kind of fiber arts prodject. Maybe? If we’re ever finished with the covid scourge? And I ever get back into doing fiber arts stuff. And I will. But I am still loving my tech job. It’s good to have a wide variety of interests but it is also hard sometimes. But first world problems.

Sayonara, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I gave up on cloth masks a few variants ago. I’m hoping that the better ones I wear will keep the virus away. Beautiful cloth masks would make an excellent art project of some sort. I’m not creative enough to do it though!