Orange is the new black or orange is better than black?

Long albeit bitsy chore list today but not anything to write home about.

Mid-morning, I took Cygnus out to check out Swan Corners, etc. I started by driving downtown via Liberty to check out Argus Farm Stop, like did I remember where to park to shop there, etc. I knooooow how stooopid that sounds. Just park on the side street and walk there, KW. I wasn’t food shopping today though because one of the things on my list was to clean out and/or inventory the refrigerator and freezer and MAKE A MENU PLAN AND A LIST!

So that was a drive-by and then I figgered I’d hang a right on Main and head down to Scio Church and from there out to Swan Corners. Um. No. It was okay for maybe six blocks and then there was a huge backup. Hmmm… What could be going on today? Football is in the fall. Oh duh. It’s UMich graduation. Yeah, okay. I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere so I patiently (really) sat until I could hang a right off toward the west side. From there I took Seventh Street (I used to live on that street) down to Scio Church and from there, over to… Oops. Road closed. I happily jogged down south to Waters Road and took that over to Parker and up. No swans today.

No spy missions today although who knows what tomorrow might bring…

P.S. I fergit what year it was but my mouse was moving into her first post-college housing situation around this time of year. It was a summer sublet with a few of her friends and close enough to downtown that we all saw then-prez Obama’s helicopter fly over as he arrived to give the UMich commencement speech. Obama was imperfect as all humans are but he was a LOT BETTER than his successor and I miss him. I know a lot of folks hated Obama then and still do. Skin color? To me it seems that way. Orange is better than black? Sigh.

2 Responses to “Orange is the new black or orange is better than black?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Orange isn’t at all better than black. I miss him too.

  2. jane Says:

    Bubs and I were at that graduation when Obama spoke!