Movin’ along

Exciting day? Not really. Can I blame it on the weather? Chilly and gray. Quick early dash to the Plum for grocks. Saw both my mouse and my fave cashier but didn’t talk to either one of them. They were both busy with real customers so I slid my way through the uScan. By “real” customers I mean people who aren’t friends or family and might have actual questions, concerns, or complaints and so have to be handled differently than baggy old bags like meeeee. Like my fave cashier and I can chortle about customers who LOUDLY make sure they get their five cent bag credit for bringing their own. Most people that shop at the plum probably do not need to be counting nickels.

Back when the Plum first opened, a local newspaper business reporter opined that the (“upscale”) Plum would not be successful because it was adjacent to an economically depressed neighborhood. I was astounded. That’s MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I am not Warren Buffet but… bdah bdah bdah… Not to mention all of the folks who live in the surrounding “fancy” neighborhoods who might drive a short distance “in” to shop there. I don’t have the chops (or knowledge) to talk about this in a coherent way but why do we always equate wealth with possessions or lifestyle? McMansions and Lincoln Navigators do not necessarily indicate wealth. In my life it has often been the “rich” folks I’ve encountered who do the penny pinching. There’s a difference between living humbly and quietly below your means and bitching nastily to underpaid service workers about not getting your five cents for bringing your own bag to the grocery store.

I can’t imagine EVER complaining about anything at the Plum. I’ve been shopping there since it opened (2008?). I mean, recently there have been a couple things I couldn’t immediately find. Not because they were out of stock, it’s very well stocked ALWAYS. But I can tell they are inching their way back to pre-covid organization and sometimes things are not where I expect them. I am not above asking for help but usually try to figger it out myself with my ninja grocery store skills.

BTW the Plum has been a knockout success as near as I can tell. Probably more so than the old Fox movie theatre that used to occupy its space.

2 Responses to “Movin’ along”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The Plum sounds like Metropolitan Market in Tacoma which is upscale but has great products and stuff you can’t find anywhere else. I want those bags since I have a cat and need them for litter box duty.

  2. Jay Says:

    I believe I saw Romeo and Juliet at that theater. The 1968 version.