Girls go to college to get more knowledge…

Can we just send all the dictator wannabes and various oligarchs and people who can only be described as orange on a long hike somewhere? Like maybe Jupiter? I’m sure there are a few billionaires out there who could finance such a trip. While they’re gone, maybe some of us humble little people WITH OUR FEET ON THE GROUND will be able to put the world back together.

The Pensioner returned from another trip up north with Mooon Yooonit and the Lyme Lounge. I tried to keep myself chilled out as he hauled interminable amounts of crapola into the landfill. I haven’t really perused the refrigimatator yet. Just did take a peek and so glad I didn’t buy lettuce. Otherwise it looks pretty good.

I like to travel light these days. It wasn’t always that way. It always seemed like we would haul everything on earth up to the yooperland or Hoton Lake. Baby stuff. Kid stuff. Books books books, can’t run outta those. My fabric and beading supplies. Food. Way pre-covid, I decided I needed to travel a bit more lightly. Fabric and beads I am on hiatus from. I read books on my phone now. Food? I usually do bring some specialties up from the Planet Ann Arbor but really nowadays we can eat pretty darn well on yooperland groceries. The first pandemic summer was a challenge in terms of food but we won’t talk about that. Last summer I was vaxxed and had mastered the art of masking and managed to do my own in-store shopping.

So I can travel pretty lightly these days but the GG always has North Country Trail crapola and camper food and stuff. So I am constantly having to clean out the refrigimatator. But that’s life here in my little corner of the world.

He texted a pic of someone’s t-shirt, which said “hiking because murder is wrong”. Which got me onto the let’s send the murderers (yes they are) off on a hiking trip to Jupiter.

And that got me off into this little ditty: Girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider. I once chanted that to my cousin Grinchie. We were on a Lake Superior beach about to launch kayaks for a guided tour of the Pictured Rocks. He looked at me with a tilted head and cheesy smile like, you are just as much of a snotty little idjit as you were when you were a little kid. We were fifty-somethings then and I was being really silly and we both knew it. I loved the old boy when we were kids and I still do. Cuzzints are the best!

So I will end this bunch o’ crazy unintelligible (even to me) blather. Love y’all and have a good evening!

One Response to “Girls go to college to get more knowledge…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I used to dread coming back and unpacking from camping trips. We always took TOO much and I somehow ended up responsible for dealing with it. To be fair, Patt always packed everything to go in the first place.