Turtles “all the way down”

I haven’t read that book but I recently read another one by the author. I liked it well enough (rated it 4 on goodreads) but it didn’t knock my socks off, probably because I wasn’t totally crazy about the characters.

He mainly writes YA books if I’m not mistaken and I get the teenage angst. I mean being a kinda high-strung person, I lived through enough of it as a teenager. The one thing that saved me from crawling into a hole somewhere (besides the moominbeach) was music. I was good enough at playing the flute that when I was in 8th grade, I challenged a senior in high school and WON. (When I was in junior high, our school was connected to the high school by a long hallway. There was no junior high band so if you were good enough, and you didn’t have to be very good, you played in the high school band.)

Was I proud of myself for beating Georgia? Yes, I sure was. What do I think about it now? I have mixed feelings. On one hand, if you are good at something, you should try to accomplish whatever achievements you can if it is fair, and this challenge was but later challenges under a different band director were not. On the other hand, I was aware she felt awful about losing her seat to a little junior high kid and I haven’t forgotten that.

I dunno what the answer is. For one thing, in a small town like Sault Ste. Siberia, the high school band was about the only place a talented musician could aspire to. I couldn’t be snuck out of public school band and placed in some fancy youth orchestra or whatever. The best I could do was the Interlochen All-State (2-week) summer camp program and I couldn’t audition for a scholarship to that until I was a junior. And scholarship was the only way kids could get in their first year. The short story is I think they didn’t want wealthy folks to buy their kids’ way in. Which is a great philosophy (and it was a great place).

So a couple days ago, the GG texted this turtle pic to us (me and our daughters) and I was like, “when the heck did you take that?” We had been driving around that morning and I had glimpsed a similar scenario on the river but we did not stop to take a pic. I surmised that he’d taken it a couple days ago. Nope. I heard him take a little bowl of chips out to the back yard and I’m sure I heard him eating them. Turned out he snuck his eBike out without me noticing and drove it down to West Park where there were turtles galore 🤣🤣🤣

2 Responses to “Turtles “all the way down””

  1. Margaret Says:

    Who is the author? I don’t read much YA except for some of the dystopian stuff. And Percy Jackson and HP of course. I was mostly third or fourth chair but I did play in the Tacoma Junior Youth Symphony. I had to audition which was terrifying. Then my orchestra teacher wanted me to try for the Tacoma Youth Symphony but I was too scared. Not too long after that I gave up the violin. I loved music, just not the practicing. 🙂

  2. TMOTU Says:

    … a collection of turtles is sometimes called a “bale”.